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Boomslang Relocation

We have had a resident Boomslang snake living the Lodge in Melozhori Private Game Reserve until quite recently, affectionately known as “Groenie”. To date, said snake has been the source of much fun as our guests have been thoroughly entertained by his presence. However, we made the decision to relocate Groenie for the sake of safety – both his and our guests. Our Reserve Manager, and in-house snake handler, relocated Groenie safely to his new home in the bush.

A Boomslang is a venomous snake that belongs to the colubrid family. The species can typically be found in sub-Saharan Africa. Boomslang inhabit grasslands, savannas and open areas with isolated trees and bushes, where they like to hide. People avoid contact with these snakes because of their strong venom. These snakes are not on the list of endangered species and their population in the wild is large and stable. Here are some interesting facts for you to have in your safari knowledge bank:

Hopefully, these facts will help you to identify a Boomslang snake in the wild and that admiring them from a safe distance is always best!

We look forward to welcoming you back to our now Groenie-free Lodge again soon!

Image Credits: Flickr/Judy Gallagher, Melozhori and Flickr/Steve Slater

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