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A Natural Paradise

With no history of agriculture, but a passion for conservation the Bhorat family began their journey to rehabilitate the land upon which Melozhori Private Game Reserve sits in 2008. Today, the reserve is home to a diverse array of wildlife and birds species and an abundance of unique fauna and flora.

The history of Melozhori dates back to 2008 when the Bhorat family acquired an old sheep and cattle farm on the historic wagon-trading route between the Overberg and Cape Town. With care and consideration to historically-occurring species, game was gradually introduced and today the 36 different mammals and 129 identified birds bear testimony to the patience and long-term vision needed for conservation to be meaningful.

The flora consists mostly of Succulent Karoo, rare and endangered Renosterveld and sections of biodiverse Fynbos in the mountainous areas. Just a few of the mammals that can be found in the reserve are zebra, giraffe, eland, kudu, red hartebeest, sable antelope, waterbuck, bushbuck, black-backed jackal and the bat-eared fox. The once endangered bontebok, now protected, thrives on the reserve. Special bird species include the blue crane, black harrier and cape vulture. The reserve also participates in local conservation efforts to monitor and protect the elusive Cape Leopard, which has been spotted on the rare occasion.

Surrounded on all sides by farms, Melozhori is a critical haven for these plant and animal species, now in balance once again.


Enjoy immersive eco-experiences like game drives, nature walks and fireside dining under a starry night sky, in a safe and family-friendly environment.

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With only 5 spaciously positioned accommodations for a maximum of 18 guests, without any other signs of civilization in sight, you are completely secluded and immersed in pure wilderness.

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