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Fun Facts About Bontebok

If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Melozhori Private Game Reserve, you most likely came across a herd or two of bontebok going about their daily grazing. One of the rarest antelope in South Africa, they are a little-known but very much-loved animal around this part of the country. For those unfamiliar with them, we’ve put together a few interesting facts about Bontebok.

Have you been lucky enough to spot a Bontebok in their natural habitat? If not, why not book a trip to Melozhori Private Game Reserve, situated just 2 hours from Cape Town. When staying at our all-inclusive Lodge, daily game drives are complimentary, while guests booking The Eco-Pods or The Cottage benefit from one complimentary game drive per 2-night stay. What are you waiting for? Email or book online today!

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Melozhori Private Game Reserve
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